Beskid Mountains

Briefly about Beskid Mountains

The Beskid mountains in the Czech Republic are situated in the Eastern part of Moravia close to Polish and Slovakian border. They stretch in Moravian-Silesian and Zlín regions. They are part of Outer Carpathians that represent a complicated mountain range. Variety of hilly areas, uplands and highlands forms an open fan towards the south-east.

The highest part of Beskids is represented by highlands called Moravian-Silesian Beskids. They are further divided into Vsetínské vrchy, Veřovické vrchy,Moravian part of Javorníky mountains in the south and Silesian Beskids separated from Moravian-Silesian Beskids by Jablunkovská brázda. Štramberská vrchovina is separated by Frenštátská brázda and Těšínská pahorkatina is separated by Třinecká brázda.

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